Want to see your home in the press?


Have you ever looked through the pages of a home interiors magazine and thought, ‘my home could be in there’!

Well, it’s not easy but it is possible and I can help you.

So, let’s start with some questions I’m frequently asked…

Why would I submit my house to a magazine?

If you have just finished a restoration or renovation project, then you know exactly how much work is involved. You know just how stressful it is. How overwhelming it can be when your house is submerged in dust and you’re being asked to make what feels like the hundredth question that day.

You’ll also know the relief of seeing your builders leave for the last time. Of being able to walk around your house, knowing its all yours and it’s a beautiful as you imagined. So why wouldn’t you want to show it off? And, if you did most of the work yourself, that’s an even bigger reason to celebrate your achievement.

Do I need to live in a huge house to get in a magazine?

Every magazine editor is looking for something different. Some magazines are dedicated to highlighting gorgeous manor houses but lots of editors are also on the lookout for uniquely decorated three-bedroom semi’s, boldly decorated townhouses, serene beach houses and
everything in between.

Large or small, old or new, colourful or calm, if you think your house is beautiful, call me.

Do I have to be an interior designer to be featured?

Anyone who regularly reads home interior magazines will have noticed that many of the homeowners featured are interior designers. And that’s because they are the most obvious people for home interior writers, like me, to contact to see if they would be willing to be featured.

But you and I know they are not the only ones with beautiful homes.

Editors are looking for houses with personality. They are looking for stories of why you chose that wallpaper or regret knocking down that wall. And it doesn’t matter if you had professional help or took ten years to decide for yourself.

What they are looking for is a well told, interesting story that can be backed up with gorgeous photographs.


Do I have to pay to have my house featured in a magazine?

Definitely not. If a magazine has commissioned a feature on your home, then they will be the ones paying for the writer to write the feature and the photographer to supply the photos. You will never be asked to pay any fees.

Can I mention my business?

The format of most articles allows for the work title of the owner to be mentioned. So, for example, ‘Sue and Matt Thomas live here with their two grown-up sons. Sue runs her own knitwear company ‘A Fine Yarn.’

And once the article is published you are very welcome to mention it on your business and personal social media accounts. 

Do I have to tidy up?

Yes please! You don’t have to go mad but if I come to interview you, I will be taking example photos to send to the editor. And you will want your home to look as good as it can in those shots. So, do the washing up, put the ironing away, collect up all those loose charging cables and make the beds.

It will make a huge difference to how good your rooms look in those photos and to be honest, when the editor receives my email, one of the first things they’re going to do is to imagine how well your home will sit in their magazine.

How can I get my house or project featured in a magazine?

The first step is to drop me an email and say hello. I’m very friendly. Tell me where you’re based, why you love your home and what you have done to it.

Attach a few low-resolution photos of your kitchen, hallway, main living area, bedroom and bathroom. Quick snaps taken on your phone are fine. This is to give me an idea of your style and lets me start thinking about what sort of magazine may be a good fit for you.

I’ll then give you a call – so don’t forget to include your telephone number – and we can go from there. It’s painless I promise.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that your home will appear in a magazine.

However, I can promise to keep all your private information safe, ask permission before I approach a magazine and keep you regularly updated.

So, take a few photos and get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you.


I can highly recommend putting yourself forward for an article in a home interiors magazine. Rachael made the whole process very easy and fitted around my work and family commitments.

The interview was good fun: it was wonderful being able to wax lyrical about the area we live in and our personal colour and style choices for our home. 

My family and I couldn’t wait to see our home in the magazine and we weren’t disappointed.

We fell in love with our home and the area we live in all over again.’

Caroline Brooks – homeowner