What’s the difference between a home interiors writer and a home interiors ghostwriter?

To be honest, if you hire me, not a lot. You still get exactly the same amount of expertise, experience and passion for promoting your business behind every word I write for you.

The main difference is, if you hire me as a ghostwriter, I can’t tell anyone I write for you. I can’t use examples of your work on my portfolio, LinkedIn profile or social media sites. You pay a little bit more, so I can work for you in secret.   

But why would you want me to?

The most common reason for hiring a ghostwriter is that you are your brand.  You have built your business from scratch. Your hopes, dreams, personality and, most importantly, ‘voice’ are its fuel, and you want to keep it that way. 

Using me as your home interiors ghostwriter means you can do precisely that.

Every time I write something for you, you lead the way. You tell me what your aims are, and I advise you how best to reach your goal. By taking the time to get to know you and asking questions about your business and projects, I can capture your ‘voice’ and use it to help you inform and attract new clients.  My help is invisible.

Now you know I can turn into the invisible woman. What other reasons might you have for hiring a ghostwriter?

You don’t want or have time to write about your home interiors business

We all know that carefully targeted, well-written content is one of the best ways to attract new clients and raise your profile online and in print. But let’s be honest, not everyone likes or wants to write. Producing something that’s going to get results takes time, practice and expertise.

You would rather be doing something else

I love getting to know my clients and writing about their products and successes, but you might prefer to spend your time planning the perfect kitchen for your client or building a beautiful bookcase.  We all have different strengths and being able to delegate is one of them.

You lack the confidence to write about your home interiors company

I work for lots of lovely people who don’t feel comfortable putting their thoughts onto paper. English may not be their first language. They battle with dyslexia or don’t have the confidence to put themselves ‘out there’. 

I’ll be honest, it’s always much harder to write about yourself than other people, but you don’t have to struggle to run and market your business alone.

Using me as your ghostwriter allows you to have complete control of your message. You will see everything I write before it goes live, and you always have the option to change anything you’re not happy with.  

All you need to do is drop me an email at rachael@homeinteriorwriter.com or give me a call.  I promise to keep it a secret. 


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